Colorado, Alaska, and Sharing the Gospel

What were you up to over the summer?

This summer I worked as an intern at Engineering Ministries International (EMI) USA office in Colorado Springs, CO. My main focus was to use my civil engineering knowledge and software skills to assist EMI missionaries in different engineering projects as well as share the Gospel with the people we meet during my project trip. My project trip was in a remote 600-person village in the western part of Alaska. We did an engineering assessment at a failing water treatment plant and worked the best we could to assist the operators in maintenance and repairs. My trip leader and I built some great personal connections with the local operators. We were able to share the Gospel with them and encourage them with our testimonies and Bible verses. It has been a blessing hanging out with the mission-focused EMI community, and I learned much about Christian leadership and discipleship from both the staff and other interns. After finishing my internship, I took a solo road trip to Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Utah as a way to relax and enjoy our Lord God’s wonderous creations (Deu 4:19, Isa 43).

How have you seen God work recently?

The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is so good that He not only provided a book study with the other EMI interns to further think through our calling in the great commission, but He also put ministry opportunities in front of me to teach me other ways that He could use me in my daily life. I used to think the only way to serve the Lord is to serve in the ministry field and hand out Gospel tracks (which is a great calling), but I realize now that devoting our life to our personal ministry of witnessing to other people is the way that we are all called to serve. I looked at the book of Daniel, where Daniel’s witness to the four kings he served was mostly through his faith in the adverse conditions instead of just verbally sharing the Gospel. I admire Daniel’s steadfast faith even in the lion’s den, and I see the need to be like Daniel and stand for our faith in the midst of the adversaries as a witness for Christ. Being a witness for Christ does not stop there, of course. Loving our neighbors as ourselves, working with good stewardship (1 Th 4:9-11), teaching all to observe the commandments, and baptizing believers in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are all ways of witnessing as well… just to name a few.

Throughout the summer, our Lord God put many people in front of me to show me how my behaviors, conversations, and acts of kindness could all be used as ways to witness for Christ. Here is one example: I witnessed to a professor whom I met during a hike. He self-described as a skeptic and a non-believer. This professor told me that he is often close-minded towards religious conversations, but he opened up and listened to me because I listened and cared about what he had to say. We had a two-to-three-hour-long Bible discussion throughout the hike, and it was in the form of back-and-forth questions and answers. At the end, I prayed with this professor and encouraged him to pick up his Bible at home and read the book of Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, and Daniel. To my surprise, he thanked me for the prayer and said it was beautiful. Granted, I cannot read his heart and see if he really listened, but I believe it was a meaningful conversation and that he could be more open to having Bible conversations with others now.

Both the discussion on our personal applications of the great commission and my personal outreach throughout the summer told me the importance of devoting ourselves to a lifelong ministry of witnessing to others. To sum up what I heard from the Lord God this summer: Let us teach all (everyone around us, not just during international missions) the Gospel of Jesus Christ and observe what the Bible commands us to do daily.

The church David was a part of over the summer.

What is something you love about BCM?

I enjoyed my small group the most. As most of y’all know, I am a friendly introvert. Connecting with the whole BCM at the same time is virtually impossible for me. However, the small group Bible study with my Green Fam and my previous Orange Fam were the biggest blessings this year at BCM. Getting to know my small group personally, exhorting one another, praying for one another, and seeing everyone’s spiritual growth together is what I consider to be the cream of the crop.

Celebration Night Photo

What are you looking forward to in the fall?

I am looking forward to sharing my experience this summer at EMI with my fellow BCMers and encouraging others to do missions over the summer breaks. I also hope to share the Gospel with the people we meet as much as we can. In addition, I am looking forward to connecting with the freshmen and new grad students.

What advice would you like to share with incoming first-year students?

I would emphasize finding a Bible-believing church in town where people are bold enough to convict you of your wrongdoings and are willing to keep you accountable. A small group to plug into at BCM is also what y’all need to do. I genuinely wish I knew this during my freshman year.

David’s local church community that he dearly adores (Harvest Baptist Church of Blacksburg)

What are your favorite things to do in Blacksburg?

Going to church and learning the Lord God’s words, of course. Other than that, probably stargazing and literally everything outdoors. Rejoicing in the Lord God’s grace and mercy and enjoying His wonderous creations in the wilderness around Blacksburg are the best Sabbath activities for me.

Blessings to you all! Have a blessed semester on this beautiful campus and enjoy the welcoming community of BCM!

Stargazing in Kansas (Imagine it is in Blacksburg)

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