Finding Acceptance and A Mother’s Heart: Deepti Aaron

Hi everybody!! I’m Deepti Aaron and I’m a rising junior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. I’m also a student leader for BCM! I’m so excited for this upcoming year in Blacksburg and to actually see everyone’s faces! And for the freshmen, I’m so excited to meet you all. This year is going to be filled with an endless amount of stories, laughter, and joy. I can feel it!

Here’s Deepti in her natural habitat!

What are your favorite things to do in Blacksburg?

Blacksburg really is a beautiful place to live with many things to do here, check out the Hokie bucket list if you haven’t already. Everything on that list is great but nothing can beat the advice I’m about to give you. Waffle House. Waffle House offers impeccable cuisine which will make even Gordon Ramsey question his cooking skills. If you haven’t been, go now! I’m from New York so I’m not blessed like you Virginians to have a Waffle House down the street. And always remember all blessings are from God so thank him for all he’s provided 😉

Deepti and her friend Madison with the elusive “Waffle House”.

What advice would you like to share with incoming freshmen?

In all seriousness it is important to remember that. Especially for freshmen right now. You’re entering a new season where a lot of change is in store. Each season will have its own struggles and hardships. Change is hard so don’t worry if it takes some time to feel comfortable and confident in this new setting God has placed you in. Yet something to look forward to is that each season will also have its own joys. Take the time to see how God is blessing you during this time.

During my freshman year, it is quite obvious to say, but BCM was a huge blessing to me. When I first came to BCM I was honestly very confused. There were people with varying personalities all getting along with one another. In my high school, this sort of thing never existed. You hung out with the people you were similar to and never thought of interacting with those who were different. This oddity drew me into BCM and has now become one of my favorite things about it.

What is something you love about BCM?

BCM is not trying to diminish the differences but instead acknowledge and celebrate them. God lovingly created us with all of our quirks and weird hobbies. It is so encouraging to see everyone at BCM hold fast to who God has made them to be, unashamed. And even if we are all different, we have common ground in Christ and that is more than enough to form a strong community.

What have you been up to this summer?

During this time of being at home for the summer, I’ve really missed the BCM community. Yet I have been able to find the joy in this season. A few of my friends and I created a Bible study going through women of the Bible. Due to this I learned of the Hebrew word “hesed” during our study of Ruth. Hesed describes an enduring covenant love. It’s a love that never ceases and is self-sacrificing. It goes beyond what is required and is always faithful. It’s a beautiful word and it really captures the essence of God.

Along with capturing who God is, it really captures who my mom is as well.

Since March, my grandma has been living with my parents in New York. She suffered a stroke last summer and lost her ability to speak. Sending her to a nursing home never crossed my mom’s mind. She was determined to take care of my grandmother. My mom comes straight from her 9-5 job to then take care of my grandma. And even on the weekends, she does not have a break. She took up a second job on the weekends to support me and my brothers as we go through college. My mom could easily leave all of this behind. Yet she is not one to give up or stop caring. Hesed is a core value of who she is. She will always go beyond what is required and will always be self-sacrificing.

She learned this from her mother. My grandma lost her husband when she was in her 30s and was left to take care of 5 young kids all on her own. She struggled providing for her family but she never gave up. My mom saw this and learned the quality of hesed. And in turn I’ve seen my mother sacrifice so much and I hope someday I can have the quality of hesed like them. 

God really has been teaching me a lot this summer and I can’t wait to hear how he has been moving in your life during this time as well!

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