VT Eats and Treats: An Adventure into VT Dining

After a blog hiatus we are back with a pun-filled blog ranking the Tech dining halls. You may not agree with sophomore Matt List and you may groan at the puns, but you have to admire his passion. Let the debate begin!

Matt on a mission trip to Nickelsville, Va.

Another day, and one more blog about food! This time we’re moving ON campus and I’ll be talking about my personal rankings for the dining halls on campus. You may be saying, “hold on a sec, who exactly are you?” Well I’m glad you asked! 

My name is Matt List, and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics – it’s a mouthful but it’s a bunch of fun. I love food – specifically doing my own  things with it – like cooking shredded chicken in A1 steak sauce, seasoning it with Montreal Steak Seasoning, putting it in a quesadilla, then making that quesadilla into a burrito. But I’m not here to talk about my own forays into cooking – I’m here to talk about VT’s fantastic dining halls, specifically West End, D2, Owens, Hokie Grill, Burger 37, and Turner ranking which ones are more fantastic than the others – at least in my opinion. 

I’m going to take a hot second to explain my ranking system before we get going. I’m only judging off of two categories – the food itself and the mood of the building. I will also be mentioning the variety of food offered, but it’s not a part of my ranking because I’m one of those weird people that can eat the exact same thing every day and be completely happy. Lastly, EVERY dining hall at VT is amazing, and I would recommend trying each of them to make your own decisions – this is simply how I stack them up. We’re going to start with the bottom and work our way up, so without further ado – let’s get started! 

Enjoy this football picture before the inevitable debate.

6. West End – This one is probably the hottest take in this list – or maybe the second hottest. For the food, I have simply not had a good meal at West End. Granted, I have only been there twice, but I haven’t liked either of the meals I have had there. On top of this, the feel of the place doesn’t make me want to stay. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t like being in West End. Because of this, I cannot attest to the variety of food choices as I have not experienced all they have to offer.  I recognize that this is some Hokies’ favorite dining hall, but it just doesn’t make Ends meet for me. 

5. Turner – First off, the food here is great. There is a wide variety of options and they are all great choices. I personally go to Qudoba every time I go there (you can get a brisket and queso burrito – that’s all I have to say). The only thing that holds it back is that it is often crowded when I go there. This makes sense, as it is the only dining hall on the academic side of campus, but I still don’t like it. While I have had some great meals here, I’ll Turner-round for some of these other options 9 times out of 10. 

4. Burger 37 – If you like the best burgers and the most satisfying shakes, then Burger 37 will be your top choice. If you’re looking for a variety of choices, then maybe this won’t be your swing. Burger 37 does a couple of things, and it does them very well. Their burgers are fantastic, and their shakes are the perfect compliment for them. The mood of the building is also great, and I am always happier walking out of ‘37 than I was when I walked in. What does a cold Hokie bear say? Burrr-grrr. (If you can make a better pun with just the words ‘Burger’ and ‘37’ please let me know – I tried for about an hour and only came up with this). I also know that this Hokie bear would love to go to our next stop on the list.

Source: https://twitter.com/hokiedining

3. Hokie Grill – What’s not to like about this place? With your choice between Pizza Hut, Chick-Fil-A, and BBQ, there’s something for everyone here. I don’t think I have to go into why having a Pizza Hut and a Chick-Fil-A on campus is a good thing, but it’s even better than you think it is! Hokie Grill also has a great mood about the place. It may just be the vast amount of Hokies in the building, but it just feels so friendly! Now let’s move on to the runner-up, and trust me – I’ve been Grilled about this before. 

2. D2 – If my bottom ranking wasn’t a hot take, then this certainly is. The all-you-care-to-eat style combined with the joyful mood in the building makes this a no-brainer for me. I will admit, the quality of the food may leave something to be desired, but it makes it up to me in the quantity of both choices and the food you get. While it may not be the best place to study during peak hours, I have had some of the best times with friends in D2. If my parents wanted to know where my dining money went, all they’d have to do is hire a D2-ctive, but the rest of it went to our final spot on this list. 

  1. Owens – I absolutely adore Owens. They’ve got smoothies, bowls, quesadillas, two different kinds of chicken (trust me, it’s a lot more important than it sounds), and a glorious display of sweets – there’s really no competition for me. My go-to is always a Quesadilla and a strawberry banana smoothie, with the occasional chocolate chip cookie. And the cherry on top of this Hokie-themed sundae is the immaculate vibe of the place. I have spent so much of my time in Owens, I may as well be considered a permanent resident. Whenever I’m in Owens, I simply don’t want to leave, as the mood of the place always helps me recharge my batteries for the rest of the day. With how much time I’ve spent there, I may start Owens-some rent before too long.
Speaking of puns…the winner! Soure: https://twitter.com/hokiedining

I hope that y’all have enjoyed reading about my take on dining at VT, and while you’re enjoying all the wonderful dining options that VT has, keep in mind this passage from Deuteronomy: “When you have eaten and are satisfied, you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which he has given you.” Deuteronomy 8:10. 

While you may not be working the land to enjoy your meal, you can always take the time to thank God for the food he grants you! 

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